Sleep as precious commodity

I don’t get much sleep these days. I have a four-month old, and she wakes up at least twice in the night to be fed. I feel strung out, but happy.

Last night I decided to hit the sack around 8. It’s more than a feeble attempt to wake up before I have just enough time to race around the house hunting for my shoes, keys and breast pump pieces, just so I can sprint out the door to barely make my bus to work.

Despite being sleep-deprived, I feel a resurgent need to devote some time to myself. I want to write again, get a little exercise and maybe learn those yoga poses that promise to make me feel less creaky.

The gears have been oiled, but they are cold.


  1. christoph

    Awesome news Jami.. enjoy the amazing moments to come with her being awake and asleep..

  2. I hope you get some rest! I’ve been there when our girls were young. It gets better! Slowly… 🙂

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