For all the women (and men) out there taking happiness entirely into their own hands. Reminds me of the times I’ve taken holidays on my own. Never have I known such an accelerated way to create a little self-love.

No Talent For Certainty

The nerve of that woman
To go be happy —
Doesn’t she know
She’s single?

Living entirely her own life,
Making all her own choices
As to how to make this world
A better one,
And perfectly content —
That’s got to be an act, right?

Where I come from,
Everyone is miserable
Single, married or otherwise:
That’s how it’s suppose to be

But she’s sitting on a beach somewhere
Happily within her own thoughts
Living an independent existence
Where love is a matter of daily choice
Not ritual obligation

What’s wrong with her?

Or is there maybe

Something wrong with me?

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    • Hahaha 😉 ok “I do”. How is your queen btw..I hope all is settling down, at any rate, and that you’re hanging in there. ❤

      • Hey J, sorry to say that Queenie’s a bit stuck and is still in recruiting mode unfortunately. Currently she’s out of the country living with a friend who runs an orphanage in Thailand and won’t be back till end of August. She still won’t speak to me either which is making things a bit tricky to disentangle some of our financial matters. Nevertheless I have moved a long way from where I was when this all came to light 11 and a half weeks ago…a very long way. In fact (dare I break the spell) I have never felt so free in my spirit and for maybe the first time ever am looking forward to my future, whatever it holds.

      • I’m so happy to hear that your spirit is freely soaring these days. Fly like an eagle, man…

  1. Love Red Dog’s comment 😀 Oh,well. I’ll have to go somewhere else then 😉 lol ❤

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