Good morning, new day.



I woke up with a little headache,
but I don’t mind,
because your sun is gorgeous, new day.

That little bird you sent singing
is lifting my sleepy head into your hours of possibility.

The neighbor kitty that waits for me at my back door
gets it, too. She just came to chill –
to investigate my plants and rub against my leg
and meow at me with her still-kitten voice.

I’ll have a cup of coffee and listen to the city sounds;
I’ll post these words and get on with your time.

This moment is nothing nothing extraordinary,
yet it is, because it’s filled with life to be lived.

You give me energy, new day.

Good morning. 🙂


  1. Any day above ground is a good day, right Jami?

  2. Good morning Jami (well, it will be in a few hours time). Love the way you let the neighbour’s cat in 😀 ❤

  3. awww cute post. I wished I had read it yesterday when I needed a boost and something nice to read.
    Good evening now to you. 🙂

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