what you create is a miracle of inspiration to someone, somewhere

A day after I write about being creatively constipated, the universe shed its light on me through the people in my life, both on and offline.

One of them is a man who’s challenged and encouraged me. He’s an artist and a source of inspiration. This morning, he sent this to me:


and this:


Now whether or not you agree with any of above, my point is this: he inspires me, and I inspire him, and together we’re inspired by whoever wrote this stuff online.

And then I cracked open a Course in Miracles, which defines a “miracle”:



And then I opened my email to find a video of a young woman who has greatly inspired me through my own journey with health. There’s been a lot of drama in the raw vegan community the last few years, and Kristina has bore the brunt of criticism for being fake and “plastic fantastic” by other (and what I would consider vicious) vegan advocates. Yes, she is ultra exuberant, and I’m sure she is not everyone’s cup of tea. That being said, she’s firstly an artist and a lover of life who finds joy in inspiring those willing to open themselves to her message.

In this video, she recites a poem she wrote about being creative, happy and loving her haters. It reminded me of all the people in my life who so want to express their true nature but feel bottled up, frustrated, hurt, angered and downtrodden by either themselves or others. It reminded me of myself in those moments where I feel insecure, beaten down, and just plain not enough.

She speaks to these fears.


You are a beautiful, creative spirit placed on this planet to create something. In your creation, you inspire. Your creation is a miracle of exchange from human being(s) to human being(s). That matters, no matter what negativity comes our way; whether it comes from inside or outside. Don’t forget this as you:

  • write
  • paint
  • draw
  • dance
  • play
  • sing
  • sculpt
  • envision
  • build
  • and any other verb that suits your particular outlet of creativity.

I believe we’re creative spirits here to make a miracle or two.


  1. Well! I think your “creative universe” or God or somebody is yelling at you to just do it and quit talking about it, haha! (((big hugs)))

  2. So like I once had a thought of the day!

    “Be inspired to inspire your inspirations.”

    We create for each other with each other. And everything around us is an inspiration in itself Whether it is beautiful or ugly. Every thought is a creation.

    • I love your sentence! Yeah and it’s not all sparkly unicorns…I was thinking about that…also the terrible, the shocking and grotesque serve to inspire us.

  3. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    I like that last line and I like to think it is true. We are all creative spirits indeed! 😉 -OM
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  4. This is absolutely brilliant!

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