My beef with baby clothes

I was just talking yesterday about how I feel girls are still socialized within the media to be living dolls, while boys are encouraged to be smart and successful (I can attest to this, as every commercial YouTube serves me with has to do with makeup or anti-wrinkle cream…piss of with your creams, Youtube..,I know you know I am a 37 year-old female but did it occur to you I care about other things too??). While this difference in marketing may or may not be true in school education (as I do know in some cases girls are apparently more encouraged than boys nowadays), my sentiment is supported by the baby clothes that fill stores..Hunting for Bliss describes her experience with her boy and girl twins.

hunting for bliss

I get it that almost all clothing is gendered, male or female. I get the whole pink and blue piece. Fine. I can deal with the fact that girls tend to wear purples and pinks, and little boys wear, well, basically every other color. It’s traditional and it helps strangers to know the sex of your baby. Fine. I wish girls had more color options, but oh well.

However, why is it that the prints on my little boy’s clothes are so much more well-rounded than my baby girl’s clothes? Knox gets onesies that say he’s smart, strong, awesome, wild and adventurous, whilst my Nora’s clothes say that she’s pretty, sweet, and adorable. Knox’s clothes are also career driven. They say future farmer, little athlete, explorer, super hero, even computer geek. Nora’s? You guess it…diva or princess. And animals? Knox’s clothes have predators, like lions, bears, tigers, and monsters. Nora’s have butterflies…

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