God bless street musicians

I had a sleepover with insomnia last night, so rather than lay in bed, we decided to do some work together and then catch an extra-early commuter train to Amsterdam. And as always, I ordered a cup of wakey-wakey to accompany my journey. As I’m waiting for the barista to hand me my cuppa, I hear beautiful piano music. I turn around to see this lovely man:

thank you for the beautiful song, stranger piano player

thank you for the beautiful song, stranger piano player

He played so beautifully, to the point that I plunked my elbows down on the milk and sugar counter and rested on folded hands. Cops stopped to watch, as well as pretty much any other commuter in the joint. We all stopped, even for a moment, to watch and listen. Little smiles crept across our sleepy faces.

Last week, I saw a boy around seven playing a Fats Domino tune on this same piano. His little curls bounced as he played, his bespectacled little face barely peeked over the top of the Baby Grand. Now that drew in a crowd.

I don’t know what I loved more: watching him play, or watching people watching him play.

Street musicians who play to create public joy: thank you for making the daily grind a little more beautiful.


  1. What a lovely idea in having the piano in the station for anyone to play 😀 ❤

    • I know! In this sense this guy is not really a street musician, but it made me think of all of the ones who have made me smile too. 🙂

  2. I very much love it too when people watch someone perform. Of course when it’s a very meaningful performance, not some loud crap like they tend to do here in NYC.

    • Ya know, I always give money to good performers but never the ones that are just obnoxiously playing for money. Hahaha it just came to mind: one time I was in Frankfurt with a friend and there was this dude with a keyboard playing some “interpretive” piece with his little keyboard, face pressed upward dreamily toward the sky, like some Stevie wonder kid. He had no clue any of us were there, we gathered. My friend and I imitated him for the rest of the day until we were drooling with laughter. So even the shitty ones can be entertaining. 😉

  3. I’m not back…but I’m here :}

    • Ok sweetie, so happy to “see” you!!! Hope the outback is treating you decently. Thinking of you these days

      • If by treating me decently you mean it hasn’t succeeded in killing me…then, yes.

        I know you are, I’ve felt it, and I am deeply grateful M’Lady *drops to one knee, places hand over heart and bows head without breaking eye contact*

      • *Returns gaze with a knowing smile* in the knowledge that this man kneeling is a noble creature capable of tapping a great strength.

      • M’Lady is too kind, as usual…peace be upon you.

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