I woke up with a vague feeling
that I dreamed about something important.

It felt like a lesson I was teaching myself,
Like I was wrapping something wise around something wounded.

It felt something like:

  • don’t let them suck on your life force;
  • this is your life force. It was given to you. 




  1. Woah ! Spooky ! ❤

  2. “don’t let them suck on your life force;
    this is your life force. It was given to you. ”
    Hard to do. We must find safe ground and hold tight to dreams.

  3. This is a brilliant insight. Where to you think it came from? Universe/ within/God… all the same thing really. It’s so precious… give it a name so you can call it easily, and keep it safe somewhere you can call upon later.

    I too woke up with a vivid thought, like someone somewhere trying to tell me something. I’ll tell you what it was, but I may write a blog post about this, or incorporate it somehow, as it’s too good not to share with you.

    He spoke of his past relationships being failed ones. But maybe they weren’t failed. Perhaps they were brilliant, complete works of art. Like a painter contemplating a painting, how differently we frame our relationships when like works of art, they are not “failed” but “complete”.

    • Thank you, TP! And I am sorry about not responding to your thoughtful messages earlier btw…crazy days.

      Your dream (wow): “failed” to me is indeed a lesson just wrapped in something I didn’t expect. Someone was telling me about a psychologist who helped people of concentration camps after wwii. He said those that took their experience and created meaning from it (those that found a mission to prevent something like this from happening again, or for being there for other victims), were able to recover in a way those who saw the experience as most of us would (horrific and unspeakably damaging), were not. I hate using such an awful example, but I always think of it. It’s how we use what happens to us…and accepting that life can give us a raw deal. Getting through life without a raw deal seems impossible, I guess because it is. Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful comments. I really appreciate you taking the time. 🙂

  4. cloud strife 86

    I had a dream about the tree of life once (Yggdrasil?). I was looking at it from space and shouting in a good way. The tree spoke to me, but I can’t remember what it said.

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