What to do with you now

Hey, freedom –
my mom told me ’bout you
when I was just a young girl.

She filled my eyes with dreams,
whispering in my ear that you and I
would do magical things.

She was so young – but a babe herself –
strapped with four children, a mortgage
and a husband who controlled.

She didn’t know you personally,
she’d only seen the women rising up from complacency and housewifedom
all her young life.

She couldn’t have known how to be with you.
She chose a life for me before she ever had a taste of you.

And her mother never taught her, and her mother and her mother….

And now, here I am, with you
-a woman and her freedom-
wondering how the hell to dance with you.

I’m tripping on your toes, freedom.
I’m stepping on my too-long dress.


  1. Really lovely Jami 😀 ❤

  2. Hello friend. This is quite nice.

  3. Freedom is a sly one, ain’t it?

  4. so pertinent to me right now, I see we have this great synchronicity… the much longed-for freedom, but when we finally get it, as hard-won as it has been through the generations, what do we do with it? I’m doing a very awkward dance with it myself, and I’m the clumsy one.

    • Yeah clumsy…I’m there with you. Somedays I don’t know how to navigate…I guess that’s what makes us pioneers. In the grand scheme of things, women’s lives have changed dramatically within the blink of an eye. So, for me to be 37 single and childless is still not what I was told was the meaning of “sucres”. So I need to redefine that for myself. I am successful…for making choices for what is really best for my life right now.

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