Callout to kitty lovers

Russ puss

Russ puss

I know a pretty special kitty named Russell. I am his Aunty Jamie.

Russ has had a rough time these past few years. His mom Gina noticed he was getting a bloody nose sometimes, and when they took him to the vet, they found a malignant tumor in his nasal passage. He bravely went through radiation treatment, and while it seemed to be successful for a time, it’s unfortunately returned in a slightly different spot. He will return to therapy today.

Russell is cherished by his family members Gina, David and Scarlet, and he pretty much charms anyone else he meets. He’s a little flirt, ever-curious about the people who come into his home. He has an adorable, curious meow and looks deep into your eyes when he talks to you. He’s got beautiful stripes and little tufts of fur at each tip of his ears, making him look a bit like a bobcat.

As Russell embarks upon another journey of cancer therapy today, please join me in thinking of him and sending him some positive kitty energy!


  1. Awww ! What a lovely kitty ! My two cats, Sonic & Samantha, and I are sending out healing thoughts to Russell. Be brave Auntie Jamie ! Hugs. Ralph ❤

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