boogyman called Fear


Just relax

It comes a stalking,
whispering what could happen
or what might never.

Wearing life’s face,
it morphs into image after image,
playing its horror film
where annihilated egos star.

It’s been at my ear lately –
its chosen entertainment,
warning me of impending hurt;
advising me to build a wall.

And I began, most obediently
to lay brick after brick,
mortaring with yeah’s and uhuh’s, that’s the right decision.

But I got tired. I left the wall unfinished,
where I can still see the garden beyond –
where flowers bloom in the light of possibility;
where trees reach up to a sky of potential.


  1. Wonderful words, inspiring 🙂

  2. Good poem and I like your new avatar picture Jami.
    You may like to try this which has worked for me for a number of years now. Treat any fearful, negative, angry thought or even a thought that loops (goes round and round), treat the thought as a person invading your space, tell it by thought or out loud to go away, that it’s not your thought and don’t come back. It works all the time when you get into the routine of recognising such a bad thought instantly. You’ll begin to feel in control of your thoughts and life gets so much better. Just a thought 😀 ❤

  3. Leonoid

    The poem connects and provokes similar thoughts. I have spent my first 30 minutes of the day , reflecting on this. I know I have thought similarly and felt good to see thoughts expressed as words .

    I have more than a handful myself. I know almost everyone would have their set. Fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of getting old, fear of failure , and the list goes on.

    At times, these fears make me feel weak on my knees. That would be good time to reflect. That routine follows a pattern. A prayer to Guardian Angel to maintain things as is , while I reclaim serenity.I remind myself of my present choice of materialism to understand the significance and meaning of each of fear.

    That’s when I realize some of those fears, bothers are for good,either for me or for some of near and dear ones (because of my materialistic choices in life) motivating me to follow up with an action , So brick walls suddenly get a purpose.

    There are some others I realize, I would wish to shrug off , but have historically failed. Probably there is a self help technique available to neutralize. But for the time being, therapy is similar to what you have done, accept that it is there.

    I also realize it helps to bring those fear to the open, feel connected to similar thoughts, We can hold hands, form a chain ,close eyes and pray “O Life, Please be kind to us all (in future as you have been so far!)”.

    • I’m a bit at a loss for words as comment, because everything you say rings so true…thank you for reflecting upon my poem as the start of your day. Especially given the last post I made about our search for relevance, it means something. I realize that in creating something like a poem from my own struggles with fear, it has an impact on someone like you, and then you will have an impact on someone else, and so on and so forth. In that respect, it’s all connected. It’s all there in the universe, swirling around in a cosmic brew of our exchanges.

      Thank you.

  4. nice, Jami . . . (so is the remodel). . . . fear is what pushes us to be brave. Without fear where would we be?

  5. you too . . . nice to see a pair of deep thinker eyes in this shallow world . . . 🙂

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