What is real


He smelled sweet and woody –
like cedar and brown sugar.

His crescent moon eyes
look down at my nose, my mouth, searching
for a dream, a new reality,
a presentness.

We began as characters –
bolstering our egos,
putting our best faces forward.

And then there came the trip ups
the inner children
the broken bodies.

And the great unlayering
of sexy and strong
gave way to insecurity
and tender hearts.

We reluctantly disrobed to reveal
that we don’t know what we are doing.
We just want to be loved.


  1. Damn, you’re good!

  2. Thank you, sweet Red. This one came from the heart.

  3. And that is the story of courtship! Brilliant poem.

  4. Love this Jami 😀 ❤

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