Universe delivers a handbag

I’m not usually too materialistic, but last weekend was one of my weak moments. I walked into our city’s most expensive department store, and this purse called out to me.


Now, I need a better bag for my laptop. Now that I am running all over hell and back for appointments, it’s good to have an attractive bag that is big enough for all my gadgets. However, I do not need a bag that costs over 200 euros. No sir.

I took the picture and walked away knowing I would find something like it, but cheaper.

Two days later I arrive at one of my more regular gigs and find this on my chair.


They are shutting down the business, and the bags are leftover from their merchandise, so they just handed them out to employees and freelancers. I got the bag for free! It’s beautiful – maybe not as fashionable as the other – but it’s more functional. It’s broad and doesn’t have that “bottomless pit” affect with many women’s handbags. It’s made for business. Just what I need.

It’s the same with anything in life, like relationships. We sometimes meet people that seem to be perfect for us. We fall hopelessly into a fantasy with them. Then, it gets burst like a hot air balloon, and we are left sober in the realization that nothing is perfect, and maybe it won’t work out. Or maybe it will, but in a different way.

That’s when I think the following:

I know what I want. I also learn what I don’t want by living, and I refine my discussion with God/the universe. I know that all of it happens to help me love and learn, and if I just relax and enjoy the ride, then I am living: NOW. I am grateful for all my experiences, and I know that I may think I want this scenario, but another scenario of a different nature may come along that is even richer. In whatever way. And then I think back and realize I asked for that in the first place (whether positive or negative). Our thoughts are sometimes like loose cannons. We aren’t conscious of what we are asking. Merely thinking is asking, actually. I believe that. I also believe we create mass consciousness, which creates some pretty heinous scenarios…but that’s for another day.

Watch your thoughts. Ask for what you want. Hold your experiences as cherished lessons.

The universe listens to you. I believe we are a part of the mainframe. I believe we make up the mainframe.


  1. I really agree with this. I wasn’t sure where this was going, with the story of the bag you fell for. Materialism isn’t my bag 😉

    I believe in mass consciousness, and on a personal level attracting what we are wishing for.

    I think that’s very poignant too what you said, that people seem perfect for us. This is the hopeless trap of falling in love. I have been someone’s “answer” because that’s how he saw me. He thought I was perfect, when I wasn’t. In reality, I fell short of what he was expecting, and I felt terrible with myself for being blamed and for letting him down. The bubble bursts. Life goes on. He wasn’t worthy of my real love, only my infatuation; and neither was I, to him.

    • Hahaha it usually isn’t my bag either hahaha…;) I do have my moments, though! “Perfect partners”: yeah…it’s a weird function of the ego…or physiology? I read recently that for women, our brains are actually wired to create temporary illusions of “the one” when we engage in sex. Now that’s just sick. But I do think we know when we meet someone that we can fit with…curious to hear more about your relationship views!

      Maybe you have some older stuff I can dig up. 🙂

      Universe: yeah….:)

  2. Hi Jami

    I think I have avoided blogging about Relationship Issues because I would find it pretty hard to stand by them, once they are on the internet. However, when I was going through a traumatic break-up I found myself writing about it on here: https://therapyjourney.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/my-violence/

    This was about me coming to terms with my violence, and there were a lot of posts from around that time when I had to accept that I was a violent abuser, I did bad things, hurt the one I was supposed to love, and still somehow get over it and love myself.

    My relationship views are very much changed since that. I do not want monogamy and certainly don’t want a family. I am still a bit of a wild-child, enjoying freedom and promiscuity, so I don’t really have a set view on relationships – I believe that everything is fundamentally in flux and a conventional relationship is at odds with this as it seeks stasis.

  3. This is fucked up, but when I see a purse, I think of a vulva and a horse saddle at the same time. It’s the slit opening, and the handles at the end. Symbolic of what a boy hopes to control? Reins on “the pink”? And I also think of that fun game that us boys used to play when we were kids, holding our tongues and trying to say “purse”, and it coming out “puss”.

    Permission to slap me next time you see me.

    • Well whenever I take a walk in nature and see tree roots coming out from a point, I think of spread legs. And then I think of penises when I see mushrooms that look exactly, I mean exactly like a penis, with balls and all. So, you’re not alone, my darling, and spared of a slap. I’ll be home May 19. 🙂

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