Röyksopp (and first day of a water fast)

Eye candy.

I’m well into day one of this water fast. The minute I got into the office this morning, the universe had a chuckle by delivering highly processed chocolate through the innocent hands of my favorite colleague. And it wasn’t only chocolate, but Snickers, an old love of mine. When I was still in the States, I wolfed down entire Snickers bars on a regular basis. When I moved to Prague, it served as a way of connecting with home. It became a ritual to eat one from the corner store before I trekked out to the suburban boondocks to tutor two wealthy children. Nowadays, I can’t eat more than a few bites. I’ve drastically changed my diet over the last decade. American chocolate just doesn’t do it for me like it used to….so anyway, here is a pretty picture for you.

I thought I’d just post random links about water fasting during this time around. I found this one regarding water fasting and the remission of autoimmune diseases. The thing I found very interesting about this article is what happened after the fast was over. In those patients who returned to a Standard American Diet (SAD), long-term benefits did not seem to persist. Those who went on a vegan diet, however, showed different results.

I won’t act like I know anything.  Read it for yourself and make your own judgement.


As I embark upon this fast, I know I’ll be listening to a lot of music. Music soothes me. Some years ago I met this one man who loved this one band named Röyksopp. Ever since he introduced me to them, I’ve been hopelessly in love with their music. Here is a best of Röyksopp playlist for you lovelies who love electronic music. Plus these last two songs, which aren’t on the list but are excellent. Scroll to the bottom for a special treat.

Finally, a baby fox being tickled.


  1. Matthew James

    I enjoyed the music! Thank you. I was becoming tempted by the water fast. Thinking about and decided to read the article you included. I knew there was more to it. The reintroduction of food based on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Tried those diets before. Even did a raw food diet for several months. Such a hassle. Oh, I missed a good hamburger. Going out to eat meant eating a salad while the others feasted because there was nothing on the menu for a vegan. I lasted a year. I had to be a seeming fanatic to do it but, oh how that first hamburger tasted after a year without one. My stomach didn’t agree at first but within a week I was fine.

    I hate lentils. I hate legumes. I like many nuts, since I’m a nut also. I hated eating what I hated eating. I tried to make up so many different vegan dishes and tried everything I could think of to make them enjoyable. There I would sit saying, “Mmmm, good.”, when in fact I’m thinking, “This is terrible. I would rather die at 50 and have enjoyed life (I enjoy food) than sit and eat this crap.

    Anyway, the article you posted took the temptation right out of my mind. I will stick with fasting through writing.

    • hahaha….the last piece of flesh I had was a burger. That was about five years ago. I love lentils but lately they are doing a doozy on my gut. It’s most unpleasant so I’m giving them up for now. I like nuts, since I’m also a nut. 😉 I totally respect your decision to eat however you want. And you’ll see from my most recent post that I’m not angel…thanks for sharing, Matthew. I like learning about you! 🙂

      • Matthew James

        It is funny how I used to cope with being a vegan. When someone at work would come in and start eating a hamburger I would say, “Oh, it’s seared flesh. Nothing better than seared flesh.” while my mouth was watering for a bite.

        Yes, that was another issue I had to face while being a vegan. Not only did I have to endure getting the food down, my stomach would hate me for it. Gas, gas, gas. Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle. Uncomfortable, uncomfortable, uncomfortable. No natural or over the counter meds would relieve it. Constant pain.

        I will go and read your not an angel post.

      • Most “vegan” food is like hell on a plate for me. Beans and rice, beans and lentils, beans and tofu. It’s awful. I personally love fresh veggies, salad and fruit. But yeah lately my gut is retaliating in a terrible way! I hope to figure that one out…SOON! hardy har

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  3. I attempted a water fast for a day a few weeks ago but failed in the afternoon. The closest thing I did resembling a water fast was when I had food poisoning and only drank water. I think it does wonders for your complexion. I’ll probably give it another try one of these days.

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