weird day, water fasting

heart waterToday was a weird day.

I was legally notified that I breached a copyright on a photo I used in one of my jobs. The photo was a cityscape of Bucharest that I used for a small event. It’s about the only time in my professional career I’ve done it. I should’ve known better. Stoopid.

This one guy I volunteer with (whom I perceived as a perfectly nice guy) recently told me he was in love with me and was looking for someone to have children with. When I politely but firmly told him I would never be in love with him, he sent me some nasty, rather deranged messages about him being christ consciousness and me being “an abused cheerleader”, confirming to me that he was not in his right mind. Long story short, he’s been banned from the garden we both volunteer at. Apparently I’m not the first female volunteer he’s set his sights on and created delusional fantasies about. It makes me sad, and despite it not being my fault at all, I feel bad about the entire situation. I never wanted to hurt him, and I still have an instinct to try to get him help and work it all out. But I’m not going to. I have to stop being that person that tries to help everyone. Sometimes it just gets me into trouble.

My immune system is not in full gear after suffering from the worst flu I’ve had in over a decade. I’m still snotty, sneezy and coughing up god knows what. In addition, I’ve quit smoking (since I’m now clearly addicted, there’s just no getting around it anymore). I hate admitting that I’m “a smoker”, but I’ve got to put it out there. I’m slowly killing myself. I’m the girl that runs 10k and then can’t wait to get back and roll a cigarette. It’s just absurd.

To make matters worse, something is suddenly amiss with with my digestive system. Anytime I eat anything, it’s as if I’ve unleashed a small dragon creature within my gut, who proceeds to loudly screech and lash about. It’s really, really embarrassing when I’m at work in a totally still office and my stomach is making almost alien noises. I did some research and found it could be SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), which is a precursor to IBS. If you have issues but not full blown, I would consider looking into SIBO yourself.

Tomorrow I’m starting a 5-day water fast (and depending, I might go longer). Fasting is a great way to kick start the healing process naturally and without drugs. I’m generally against western drugs as cures (although within reason). I’m not going to the doctor and getting on some toxic medication that will only give me other issues or side affects. I may go to the doctor after my fast to see about getting this issue tested…if I still have issues. Now, before any of you judge me and think I’m on some crazy starvation diet, see the following links:

Or, just google “health benefits of water fasting” and see for yourself. I’m not here to sell you on it, but perhaps you’ll find that it could be something useful for you, too.

I’ll be doing a daily update of my fast, which is good because I want to start blogging daily for awhile. I want to (again) get this pretentious nervous writing out of my system…I felt it riding me hard in my last post.

A fast I did a few years back:

Water fast – day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4 (and why I really did it)
Day 5


  1. I’m the same as you regarding the guy who was in love with you – almost like feeling like it’s my fault that they did, so therefore I’m responsible for THEM. lol… foolish I know!

    • Kbailey it plagued me all day yesterday. Somehow I feel it is my job to solve this….thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone in wanting to save people.

  2. Matthew James

    I can’t say I am a proponent of some of your other ideas, but I always support a good fast through writing. Cleanses the mind, which maintains all the other functions of the body, and keeps it clean as long as one keeps writing.

    Just the opinion of a writer.

    • Hey Matthew 🙂 I love that…thanks for the inspiration to keep going.

      • Matthew James

        Though I don’t always agree with some of the things you are doing in life, I fully support your evolution as a person.

        When you do post, I always stop and read what is going on with you. I think it is wonderful how much you care about others and share the things you are trying with others, to give them the opportunity to see if it is something they would like to try.

        I enjoy that you have the courage to try new things and put yourself out there in ways that is important to you.

        It is nice that you admitted to your dirty habit and that you are quitting. I understand that habit well. I’m not suggesting it to you, only expressing what I do. I switched to vaping. It has changed everything for me. My problem is that when I quit it affects my writing. When I write I vape like crazy, just like how I used to smoke like crazy when I was writing in the past. I enjoy vaping. It is much cleaner. It doesn’t stink up my apartment and cause neighbors to complain. I don’t have to go outside to vape. It is also easy on my lungs. I can now run miles as if I was a non-smoker, because I basically am. No added tars and I only get e-liquid from a place where it is mixed in a lab using pure ingredients. So for me, it is a great alternative that allows me to enjoy something that I enjoy. Again, I’m not suggesting it, only sharing my experience. I also like that it doesn’t affect my breath in a negative way. I like strawberry kiwi flavor so I always have a nice taste in my mouth rather than that dirty taste that seems to never go away.

        Anyway, I’m glad you back. I support all the things you are doing but the one thing I advise the most is just write, write, write. It does miracles for a person and you also give me something enjoyable to read about you.

      • You’re an angel. I’m going to try that…yeah, smoking is such a seductive experience for me, especially when I’m doing things like writing. I’m one of those people where I can go days without it, and I don’t do it during the day, but the minute I get home, I just want to have a cigarette and a whiskey. I think I was a sailor or something in a past life.

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  4. Congrats on quitting smoking! I quit about 120 days ago and I feel so much better now!

    • Ah wow, congrats and yeah I know I will feel better. 120 days…oh I hope to say that in…120 days! 😉 thanks for the follow, too!

      • No problem! I was forced into quitting by my roommate. He showed up at our house with an E-cig for my birthday. I started out with the highest nicotine and slowly started getting lower and lower doses until I had no nicotine! If quitting cold turkey is too hard, I recommend giving that a shot! It worked wonders for me!

  5. I’m thinking of trying a week long raw food diet. For me that would take a lot of planning though. Water fasting sounds easier – until the hunger pains kick in. I was trying short term fasting for a while and I think I messed up my adrenal system, so be careful.

  6. Wow ! Bad photo, bad guy, bad cold ! I think rather than water fasting, a whiskey is is in order Jami ❤

    • I saw you just read my last post! I am taking it easy for now haha. 😉 I think I do need to be easy on myself for a bit of time before I really go for this. Indeed, a lot going on.

  7. Don’t you find people like that guy who declared he had a crush on your totally nuts? How did you deal with it? I am angry when people reveal their “true colours” and it’s exactly the opposite of what they say they feel. Sounds like you pretty much take it in your stride, though, even feeling sorry for him. Kudos!

    • Well…to be honest I think he does have an issue. And despite the fact that I’m not responsible for him, I feel that he could use some support. I do worry that something is really amiss there….but as my mom firmly reminded me, it’s not my responsibility.

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