Embracing insomnia


no amount of makeup will cover these dark circles

Another day of looking like a raccoon.

Insomnia sneaked in again last night, despite my begging the sandman for slumber. I’m on Sandman’s shit list, apparently.

Sure I could take pills for sleeping, but nah. Besides, they are now discovering that needing eight hours of sleep is a total myth. God love science.

So in this respect, I’m no insomniac. I’m a polyphasic sleeper.

At any rate, I’ve learned to accept this weird (but I hope temporary) cycle. I do things to occupy my brain in these sleepless times, like this morning:

  • Wake up. Lie there for awhile, awaiting the return of slumber;
  • Nope;
  • Get up and make tea;
  • Do facial yoga to alleviate the frown crease between my eyebrows;
  • Clean out fridge of expired contents;
  • Go through every single piece of paperwork in my apartment looking for a password I scribbled on some piece of paper;
  • Stare at my reflection in the mirror and look into my own soul;
  • Read a few more pages of Shantaram;
  • Lie down again;
  • Get back up and put running clothes on, run 8 km to a suburban train station;
  • Take train to work early (clocked time: 7:08 a.m.)

I am tired a lot lately, but that’s fine. I totally forgive my body for having a little residual freak out. I know it will pass.


  1. Matthias

    It is interesting that the past week or so I have not been able to sleep. I was getting maybe 2 hours of disturbed sleep per night at most. I finally gave into medication to put me to sleep. I picked them up at 10am yesterday and, after taking them, I slept for nearly 10 hours. I feel so much better. I’m not advising you to use medications. It is just something I finally had to do. I need my sleep. I was beginning to feel dizzy and not able to function.

    I truly hope the sleep has found you and you have been able to enjoy the rejuvenation that comes after a nice peaceful sleep.

    • Ooh well I am glad it helped you, and if it carrries on for much longer I may consider it. I did purchase valerian yesterday as yeah, i am not functioning properly this way and this post got me thinking. It’s herbal, so we shall see. 🙂 i’ll maybe post an update on this…

      • Matthias

        Usually a little Valerian will knock me right out when I need it. This time it wouldn’t even affect me, other than make me feel more tired yet still unable to sleep. I had to get serious this time. It was well worth it. I will look forward to seeing how Valerian works for you in this instance.

  2. I feel your pain, Jami; I specialize in weird…

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