tree view

Living in my attic apartment is like living in a tree house, which was always a childhood obsession of mine.

I have a big window with a view of trees, and I often watch them swaying in the wind and the seagulls soaring above them. I can zone out on these trees for quite a long time. If you’re ever feeling tense, just go watch a tree’s branches moving in the breeze (you could even supplement the experience by doing Jody Foster’s “tree in the wind” if you’d like)! Did you know trees communicate with each other, warning of predators and feeding their own young?

Just watch a tree. I swear it will relax you.


When Shaankun came to visit me.


Just messing a bit with posterization…

Happy Friday/Saturday everyone. 🙂


  1. I used to live in an attic apartment and that was when I started really enjoying trees. Everywhere I have lived since I’ve had a “favorite.” Many of my photos are of trees.

  2. Lovely to live on the top of the world isn’t it ? I could never live on the ground floor as, like you Jami, I just love the view 😀 ❤

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