Just another Tuesday morning


Morning tram ride before the train ride

My neighbor woke me up when she double locked her front door, which I can always hear because my front door is thin. Bless her. I’d slept past my alarm because I was up again for hours last night with another blessing they call insomnia. I am on the train to work now, staring at the sleepy commuters sitting across from me, wondering what is going on in each of their heads.

One is looking right into my eyes, but I know she isn’t, really. She’s looking through me, thinking about her study or what she’ll say to her boyfriend later today…she looks a bit tense.

I am listening to The Girl From Ipanema. No matter where I am, it gives me a tropical island feeling. I love that. I try not to overplay it so as to not wear out that acute holiday feeling it gives me. The girl is still staring through me. What is she thinking?

Tonight I meet a friend in Amsterdam who I haven’t seen in ages. We’ll have dinner and then go to yoga, since she’s the teacher. But before then, I will go to work and sit with a group of colleagues who are quite the bunch of little “normal” weirdos. I love them. They make me laugh or even just O_o with their wackiness.

I wish all you beauties a wonderful, even if mundane, Tuesday.


  1. Have a great day. I didn’t go to work today, as I had to go to immigration office here and report my address (I have to do it every 3 months). I am now sitting in a lovely coffee shop, sipping an iced cappucino. I think I wasn’t born to work at all.

  2. Happy Tuesday! I have 8 hours of plane travel today…

  3. Isn’t commuting awful Jami ?
    I had one job installing electronics on a new Millionaire’s yacht in a shipyard. Left home at 6am, a long car drive, tram or walk down the pier, ferry, train and walk to the shipyard arriving by 8am. Usually overtime in the evenings so didn’t get home till 10pm.
    It killed me, so I left and worked on a local sweetcorn farm earning the same money as the shipyard and I had fun and fresh air ! šŸ˜€

    • Yeah commutes are the pits! Sounds like you made a good choice with your sweetcorn farm. I will admit that it’s at least a time for me read…i’m a trapped animal for an hour so might as well do something productive! That or stare at my phone like all the other phone addicted people…it’s kind of a creepy sight.

      • It is creepy. I have waited in hallways and waiting areas in hospital and everyone below retirement age has their head in a smart phone. Probably texting each other šŸ˜‰

      • They probably are….and you know what? My husband and I shared a three story house, and sometimes we would text each other. And i’m not talking “honey can you bring some water”, but a real chat, with smileys and jokes and everything. Sick, eh? Haha šŸ˜‰

      • Sick ? No ! You were having fun šŸ˜€

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