A manly place

The garage –
a safe place to smoke, and think, and drink a beer;
where bad 80’s hair bands are blared without guilt or shame.

A place to create flight cases and window frames and whatever else needs fixing;
a man cave, a haven of sawdust and paint thinner.

A place where once, eyebrows and eyelashes were singed after a misadventure with curing metal.

A retreat into
measuring cutting smoking staring measuring cutting smoking staring screwing hammering sanding painting sanding painting done.

Creation. Satisfaction. Completion.


The private universe of Richard.

bluescrewmachine1jpg carpettape extensionchord floor greenscrewmachine hammer hulalady ladderwall oddsandends oil paintcans paintrollers poolstik sandingkit screwdrivers smiley steel toolbox topofbottle truckgrill wall1


  1. Thanks for the memories Jami. I don’t have a garage anymore, but loved it when I did 😀 ❤

    • Hey no problem, Ralph! I took these pics one night awhile back, drinking beer while watching him restore a pool table…always something up this sleeve for that guy! I found watching him work sorta calming..

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. Aaah theShed Jami, a place of solace and creativity…sanity would indeed be out of my grasp without mine. Great photos btw.

  3. More oversee my boys working on theirs these days, from theBar…just as theraputic

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