I’ve learned that I can really care about someone I’ve never met.

Silhouette of an anonymous male alone on a bench at sunset

Someone is thinking of you..

So I haven’t been online much lately…just lots going on in my life these days, including meeting a fellow blogger just last weekend.

So I go to check out another fellow blogger to see what he’s up to this morning; a blogger whose posts I cherish and appreciate. This guy’s poems particularly touch me. Sometimes they are so beautiful I will read them three times over, each time more slowly than the last. Sometimes they make me sad. The last one I saw was about apathy. I wish I could type it for you here, but I wouldn’t without his permission.

Over the holidays, he posted something that wasn’t his normal style…it wasn’t a poem or a video, but a truly honest admittance of having social anxiety…he was inspired to write it by another young woman blogging, who also admitted her battle with depression and social anxiety.

I responded to that post, spilling my feelings in reaction to his personal story.

So anyway, I just went to check out his blog this morning, and it’s been deleted. Just, gone. I’m sad about that, and I do wonder why he deleted it so suddenly.

It’s just so strange that I’ve never heard his voice, have no clue how old he is or even where he is from, but I grew to care about him.

And this is where blogging has gripped me more than I ever imagined. We come together to share, and we support each other, often having never met. We share our darkest fears, sometimes so dark we won’t even admit them in real life to our own family and friends. Blogging honestly connects people at a root level.


@M from A&I, – I hope you’re ok, man. I will really miss your beautiful poems…thinking of you!


  1. You are such a beautiful heart, Jami, so expansive and loving…we need you…

    • Thank you Red…:) this world does need more expansive love, i think…to think about one another even if we don’t knkw them too well, because those subtle moments that no one else notices can create a disaster in someone’s mind…keeping care of ourselves firstly, of course. Thanks, as always, for your support. ❤

  2. proof positive that face up communication is only a part of the equation.

    I started all this computer stuff as an experiment in unlimited mental connections about 10 years ago because I noticed throughout my life that there is a knowing that goes far beyond sitting across a table and staring into ones eyes . . . we are so much more than we realize . . .

    my goal is to use this knowledge that I am personally gaining in order to better communicate with four leggeds and even trees and plants . . .

    This all started way back in 68 after I got drug busted in Portland Ore. I was sitting in my tiny cell when a guard came by and said my wife was on the phone. . . . she was in Ohio . . . we rarely spoke, but she KNEW something was wrong with me.

    Christ . . . can you imagine what life has to bring to us if we could just stifle the greed and quit killing each other??

  3. Yeah…it would be a different place indeed. I have a lot of interaction online, and especially with chat, I can’t believe the sort of connections I can make…sometimes they become even more powerful through our written words without us physically being present. It’s almost like a different kind of connection.

    That’s where the internet can bring us together…although it also brings out the worst in us. What a unique time to live, eh?

    Hye btw did you turn off the comments in your blog? I wish I could comment but I don’t see how! Or maybe you’ve changed it since I last checked…I’ll have another look. 🙂

  4. cloud strife 86

    I guess that’s the biggest problem with liking someone online. They can disappear at the click of a mouse. I’m sorry he’s gone. But he isn’t forgotten. Hopefully he knows that.

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