big bang


Nothing is really permanent, is it.

Every moment, we are reformed. Every second, about 30 million of our cells die, only to have new ones born. Over 120 days, our body has replaced every red blood cell. Every ninety days, we have a new skeleton. Every 30, entirely new skin.

We bring the past with us only to form anew what we are in this exact moment. Mental patterns form, but they are dynamic. They are vibrating. They are waves. A thought – when thought long enough – will become a frequency pattern, better known as a habit.

Even a stone is in a constant state of a change. Atoms are energy, and energy is constantly fluctuating, dipping down (or into) into a quantum world we can’t see and barely understand.

Matter is just densely packed and organised photons vibrating at particular frequencies interpreted by our brains to be a table or a human baby. We are just a cluster of sparks created when quantum particles bounce in and out of the quantum field. Friction produces a spark. We are a 3-D film strip.

“hmmm, I thought we were were all just star dust.” 

They say we once exploded out from the same tiny beginning, through the universe’s inexplicably giant exhale. One day, it will inhale again. And before then, our planet will spiral down into our own sun, like a marble spiraling toward the center of a funnel. And before then, we live and die through Earth’s life cycle, rotting and returning to the dust from which we came.

“But why do you think things are shifting between us, Jami?…..Of course….they always are.”


  1. Oooh, philosophy meets science…could you be any more amazing, Jami?

  2. cloud strife 86

    Woah, man that like…totally blew my mind. The incredible sulk likes.

  3. Wonderful! So on the money. Love the sentiment of this one, and the way you express it.

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