Happy New Year, lovelies


“More than Words”

So here we are again, another year over and a new year begins. It’s technically just another day, another hour and another minute, but we make it special. It’s a mass ritual where we light up the sky and look up with renewed eyes. It’s a time of rebirth, and you can especially feel it when you walk the streets here after midnight. It sounds like a joyful armageddon with the entire country morphing into temporary pyromaniacs.

I’m personally celebrating the way I’ve done the last few years: with a bottle of Jack Daniels, my (now ex) husband, a guitar and our little kitchen. For New Year’s Eve over the past few years, we intended to have a low-key evening with snacks in the living room, but we eventually end up drunk in the kitchen jamming out to old rock songs. He’ll strum along to the songs of Boston, Led Zeppelin, and Neil Young, and I’ll dance and sing like a drunken rock muppet.

And here we are again, both of us starting new lives but still loving one another. I’d say we’re even in a heightened state of love these days…one that supersedes possession and expectation (before you’re too impressed, we do have our weak moments). We know this new year will bring massive change, and that it may not always be easy to navigate. Other people will come into our lives, inevitably. A few already have.

But at this moment, on this annual occasion of looking forward, we are just happy to ring in the new year together.


Happy New Year to all of you! Here’s to 2015. 🙂


  1. happy new year back! I am eating chocolate chip pancakes, that’s my big yip lol

  2. What a grand way to start the year, Jami, and proud to have read along on your journey getting there. Happy 2015 from Downunder. Love Red

    • REDdog!! 😀 I’ve been wondering what you’re up to lately. Happy New Year to you! I’m so happy to have you along my journey, and I am also very happy to be along yours. Here’s to 2015! Richard and I are raising a glass to you right this moment.

      • That’s so sweet guys, enjoy! It’s only 7am on Day1, 2015 so I’m still in tea drinking mode but I will be certain to toast the both of you a bit later on. Yes, sorry, I’ve been missing lately but I have something almost ready to post…all I can say is I’m delighted 2014 is in the rear view mirror. So glad you guys are moving on and proud to see how the two of you have handled it all. Blessings and peace be upon you both the whole year, may you kick arse, separately and together. Love Red

  3. So pleased you are both having a great New Year’s Eve/Day. Rock on ! ❤

    • Ralph! Happy New Year, man!! We just took a walk through our crazed, pyromaniac neighborhood….it’s been a lovely evening! Love to you! Love to you, and rock on indeed… 🙂

  4. cloud strife 86

    Hey. HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN!!!! I’ll raise a glass of pepsi in honor of you and the new year!

  5. Matthias

    Happy New Year, Jami! You have been a wonderful find as a friend in 2014 and hopefully into 2015.

    • Happy New Year, Matthias! Right back at ya – I look forward to following your thoughts/poems/pics/videos in 2015. 🙂

      • Matthias

        It’s be nice that you will continue following my thoughts/poems/pics/videos in 2015. Probably more poems than anything this year. But who knows. You were a great find as a follower of my blog 🙂

  6. I’ve always thought “friends” was the highest relationship we could have . . . looks like you made the leap. Good to hear . . .

    • We did indeed. It’s not always been easy, and we have had our conflicts, but we’re rolling with the punches.

      Happy happy New Year JJ! I hope you and your wife had a lovely evening and enjoy the day today.

  7. Here’s to a wonderful 2015 for you Jami. 🙂

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