for all those who have died and are dying from violence

Family van Veldhuizen

Gone from us

I can barely read the news these days. I just can’t bare to find out who has last been shot, stabbed, burned alive, beheaded, tortured or raped.

Reading the news makes me feel so stupid about being lonely the other night, as well as all the other moments I’ve been sad….how could it make me feel anything but just grateful to have those I love safe and alive?

It makes me feel so confused about why members of humanity are so far down their rabbit hole of misery that they feel the need to murder innocent people for revenge, for some ancient war over WHO is God and what he or she is named. It makes me lose all faith…

Over this summer, someone I knew and his entire family was just going on a nice holiday when their plane was shot down because someone one from some country decided the plane needed to come down because, well, someone had to pay!

He and his entire family are just GONE. Wiped out. We’re never to see their faces or hear their laughter. They missed out on the precious chance to live their lives.

Right this moment mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas and playmates…innocent playmates are mourning the loss of 141 precious lives in Pakistan. And those two Australians just having a normal day…what did they ever do to anyone?

I will never understand why after all these generations, that we cannot just learn to grow up, live together and forgive one another. I cannot comprehend why we continue to let money, greed, power, fear and misunderstanding RULE OUR LIVES.

Still, I will not be afraid of humanity. I’m not going to fear some stranger because he or she is different from me in some superficial way . We are not different. We want basically the same thing: to love, to be loved and to see our families and friends flourish. Some of us are just so very confused about how to accomplish that.

I don’t know what else to say. I’m just so sad right now. For all of us.

To all those survivors of victims in Pakistan, Australia and all the other countries dealing with violence as I write this:

There are no words that could ever mean anything in the face of the reality you’ve been dealt. Still, I am so sorry for your loss.


  1. Woah… you touched me so deeply I feel like crying heavily! I totally feel you, who are humans to do anything to other beings, humans or animals, in the name of some god that hasn’t asked him or her to do such a thing?

    • Lily Lau…thank you for your comment and reaching out. I honestly cried as I wrote this, as I had just read a horrific story. I debated posting it, but why should I feel shame for feeling sadness and bewilderment, I decided. I just cannot NOT feel the pain of this world some days.

      I ask myself, what can little old me do? I can love, and I can express compassion whenever possible. After this post I decided to work harder in those areas. That is where it all starts. I send you love, and thanks once again for your note.

  2. Matthias

    Your expression of powerful feelings expresses how many of us feel. I glad you were able to express your feelings in such a way and that I was able to share in your feelings. It is difficult to watch the things happening in the world. I really don’t know what else to say because I have many feelings reeling within me after reading your feelings. Thank you for expressing what needed to be expressed for many of us.

    • Thank you, Matthias, for understanding. Sometimes there are just no words, are there. It’s what you said in your poem about the invisible realm, though. No matter where we are in the world, we can reach out to someone, somewhere out in the universe, and send them our love and connection. I absolutely believe that with all my heart.

  3. I am so sorry to read about your friends Jami. I hope they are in a better place now. This is one reason why I like blogging. It stops me from being brainwashed by the constant stream of negativity on TV. Great post my friend ❤

  4. The world is a scary place…I agree with everything you said here.

  5. And then just days later (also here in Australia), a woman murdered 8 children (7 of them hers). My mind is having difficulty processing the news. I don’t understand what is going on. But then I spend time with my Teen and her siblings and I feel whole and comfortable again. It’s then that I realise that real love is right there with us and wish that same love for others.

    • And then the two cops in NY on saturday…I went on a nature retreat yesterday and i felt compelled to help organisations like this (in this case Art of Mentoring) flourish through online promotion. People like you and me can do good work in helping bring people back to their true nature, and nature – whether directly (as in your role) or indirectly. I am turning down a job offer I got for good money, and I will continue with my original path and vision (in my own business) to create connection and love between people…more about that soon! Thanks for reading, Suz!

      • Jami I hope that the path you are taking in your life brings you much happiness and fulfillment.
        I thank you for your lovely words and sentiments and look forward to a future of less hate and more love.

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