Lover of animals and (usually) people.

Lover of animals and (usually) people.

Today is “Sinterklaas” in the Netherlands. Aside from sneaking into every home and leaving gifts in children’s shoes, Sint writes poems for everyone who’s been good this year. He visited me last night and asked if he could borrow my blog and post one for Richard, the man I married nearly a decade ago. Of course I obliged.

Dear Richard,

Old Sint’ has been looking in on your life
I’ve witnessed your joys, and also your strife.

I’ve seen you carry those who you love
and watched as you honored the peace of the dove.

You’ve not had it easy these last few years
But good times are here so cast yonder your fears –

Cuz men like you are rare indeed
Wise souls can see that, no help you will need –

To find happiness for you (and those who you touch),
With the light in your eyes; with the strength of your clutch.

You’re handy and dandy and blessed with good looks
You can fix anything (no need for darned books)!

You’re laughter’s contagious, your wisdom divine
You have an energy that makes people shine.

So let this poem be a reminder of this:
Keep moving forward and live in your bliss

Of saying your saying:
“It is what it is”

And fixing, and healing and growing your biz!




Richard – I’ll take this opportunity to say: I feel so blessed to know you and to have spent all these years with you. From that first moment you hugged me, I knew I would come to love you as I have. I just never could have known how much you could teach me about love, compassion and forgiveness.

I wish you so much happiness as you embark on your path! Keep smiling your adorable smile.

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox – Jami

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