I went to Groningen to visit my friend Bryan this weekend. I’m so glad I did.

Through our chats into the wee hours of the morning, I released some anguish that’s been simmering under the surface since splitting with my husband, and we talked forever about matters of the spirit, a topic which fascinates us both. We took a walk through the forest at 4 a.m., egging each other further to face our fear of forest goblins (I proved to be the bigger chicken).

I met Bryan at a meditation center where we both volunteer, and then again by chance about six months later. Even though we should have been observing “noble speech” during our duties, we couldn’t resist kidding around like naughty school children. He has an infectious laugh I can’t resist chiming in with.

Bryan draws in people with this warmth. Everywhere we went this weekend, people somehow found a reason to chat with him. I can see why they do.

This song is for him, as well as all the other friends out there in the world – unintentional healers.


  1. Aaaah Leonard, no one “sings” it like you.

    I can feel your happiness, Jami, and it’s, like, contagious…thanks.

    Love Red

    • I first fell for his music in college when my roomate played So Long Marianne, and then i playeded it over and over. His songs are magical eh?

      Glad my happiness is spreadable, RD. Makes me happy to read on a monday morn. 🙂 wishing you a great monday too!

  2. I have a couple of friends like that.It’s pretty incredible and the best thing is that they don’t realise how they influence people around them.

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