On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft


Great book on writing, and it doubles as King’s autobiography. I read this about ten years ago and decided to pick it up again. It’s even better the second time around!

If you’re struggling to write for your readers, then read this one.


  1. Stephen King is my favourite author ever. I still don’t understand how can you be so productive. I once tried to read all of his books, but it is impossible. There are so many of them!

    • Ok! That’s awesome which ones are your faves? Believe it or not I only read one of his, The Green Mile. I decided today to pick up The Stand and read that one. I love horror, but I was more of a Dean Koontz Anne Rice fan back in the day…I know now I’ve missed a great author!

      You should read this book! He started as a sattire writer when he was a youngster (starting his own zine to make his classmates laugh at the painful expense of his teachers,, and he is hilarious in this book. I laughed so much yesterday reading it.

      • I haven’t read that one…yet 🙂 the Stand is my favourite. I read it only once but man! he can write! and there are bits where I thought ‘how the hell did he come up with that?’ Enjoy the Stand, it is great. So much better than the Shining.

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