No television

I’m not buying one anytime soon, either.

I also don’t yet have wi-fi in my new apartment. The other day I needed to take care of some last-minute details of a web site launch, and I was pecking away on my phone. Not very handy.

But I love the silence. I love being alone and going out on my balcony at three in the morning and looking up at the bright moon and trying to coerce the midnight kitty traipsing around on my tiled roof (I’m in an attic apartment). He’s adorable, around 5 months, and is totally playing hard to get, bounding up and down the spines of the two roof peaks between me and my neighbor, but never coming close enough to let me pet him.

Since separating from my husband, I feel like life just split open. My brain is enabled with new capacity to dream and just relax. We are on excellent terms, too. He brought my washer around yesterday and helped me assemble some new furniture.

My bed is divine, and I’m sleeping whenever I flipping feel like it.

I have a mad crush on my new attic apartment with a view.


  1. Your apartment sounds awesome.
    I think there will be a lot of things you will discover that you can do now, but couldn’t do before. When it comes to me it is not watching TV whole weekend (yes, agree – TV is a time waster), not cooking, not cleaning up if I don’t feel like it and not eating meat with every meal. Enjoy your freedom!

  2. So happy for you, Jami

  3. I was away from TV for a long time. Then, whenever I was at a bar or somebody’s house and there was a TV blaring away, it was so jarring and disruptive to my mellow. It really rattled me, ha. Commercials are so friggin loud.

    • I’m pretty sure commercials are the bain of everyone’s existence. Every once in awhile they are funny, but rarely. Thx for reading 🙂

  4. cloud strife 86

    Sounds comfy, buuuuuuuuuuut I’d probably go crazy if I had no Wi-Fi…

    Also, the balcony sounds pretty nice.

    • hahahaha….I just maxed out my internet on my phone for the month. Waado I dooooo?!?!?!!? (I have unlimited so that’s pretty scary, need to look into that).

      Maybe it’s a sign I need to take a real hiatus from my obsessive online habits? 😛

  5. I haven’t had a TV in years. I highly recommend it. And I went about a year without wifi… that was more of a challenge, haha. Your new apartment sounds lovely and magical.

    • Wow, an entire year without wi-fi…respect! I have found that the hiatus, even though short, has been pretty regenerative! We’ll see how long I last. 😉

  6. My situation has elements of similarity to yours, Jami. I am separated and living in new digs, which I am working to bring into an ‘arrangement convenable’ to continuing scholarly work. My wife put a TV in our bedroom and another in the dining room; I have none. My wife has a cell phone, and got one for each of our two boys; I have none. I inherited the family cat, Raskolnikov, so I live in the company of a sentient creature.

    Thank you for complimenting me on my written work.

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