learning curve

hillI’m looking up at you,
great hill of the unknown.

You’re slippery and treacherous
and riddled with sharp burrs.

And I keep slipping as I climb,
and it’s irritating.

But I’ve yet to fall down you,
although my lungs hurt from lunging.

My legs hurt from hauling myself
up your steep angle.

The thing about you
great hill of the unknown
is that you’re never ending…or until I die.

I’m on a steep bit of you now,
but you’ve got plenty-a-plateau along your crooked spine –

and while they ease my aching body
and give me some time to breath,

I’ll once again yearn for that great angle of
trudging, learning, and tripping up.

Because it’s then when I look up at you…

I look up.


  1. love it! ohhhh I so relate. I am on a slight plateau-ish spot thank You God…. kinda close to the edge but I can catch my breath for a little bit.

    • I had my six month plateau after leaving my last job…I camped and travelled and hung out with my mom on her front porch. Was
      awesome. Anyway i’m so happy you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. front porches are a necessity to having a good life . . . make sure you always have one . .

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