You write, I read

I wonder what your writing world looks like…

Is it in a quiet little writing room you’ve designated just for you, or in a busy cafe where humanity inspires you?

Do you spontaneously peck your words out on your smart phone and publish, or do you plan your posts meticulously?

Do you have a lucky charm or a writer’s sweater you always wear to summon your muse?

I do wonder what inspires you…what brings that moment where the inspiration wells up inside you and won’t be released until you write it down.

I wonder what sort of writer’s expression you have – that look of concentration that you never really see yourself because when you look the in mirror, you make a smooth face that no one else sees.


The idea of a virtual writer’s community fascinates me – how we connect through reading each other’s stories. We comment, we like, and sometimes we choose to ignore. We weave together connections, some here, some there; for some particular reason. We clump up in certain circles, we disband, and all the while, we have never met.

I don’t even know what many of you look like. I only know your words.

And I love to read them.

Be in love with your life. Every detail of it.

-Jack Kerouac


  1. Oooh, I might have to give all your questions some thought, Jami. It is an endless fascination for me how we find each other, lose each other, imagine each other…Love it!

    • Even one answer is great. 🙂 And I should ask myself the same! I’m all over the place with writing, hardy har. I could use a little discipline. 😉

  2. My writing is just chaos…I write about my single life, but have another blog about my travels, which I have neglected recently. I feel like there needs to be drama in my life, so I can write something worth reading.

    • I say drama is where it is. I’m not really interested in reading about people’s lives who are perfect, I’ve noticed, maybe because mine has been a bit of a drama over the last five years or so and I identify with others who don’t have picture perfect lives (not that any of us do I guess). 😉 Thanks for responding!

  3. I like to write my action/adventure/humor sci-fi novels when the next part flashes into my head. I write it with a pen… by hand. I am writing the whole series of novels without ever knowing what is going to happen next. I just let the story rush me along. I create characters never knowing how they will play out in the story. Then I will get my hero stuck in some crazy situation and it will take a few days to figure out what to do.
    My children’s book I worked on for years, because the answers from kids are real answers from real kids I talked to over the years.
    The blog, I just sit down and let the crack squirrels in my head tell me what to write.

    • Awesome. 🙂 I like that you write with a pen….slows it down a bit…makes me personally feel less finicky/obsessive about arrangement of words. I will check out your books.

      • The funny part is that when I get really excited… the best time to write… then later I can barely read my own writing. I type up each chapter as soon as it is done… unless I am camping or travelling or something.

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