Rolling with the punches (wrecks, bites)

This week has been interesting:

  1. Evening of October 13 – Bike gets stolen.
  2. Night/early morning of October 13 – Husband’s back license plate gets stolen.
  3. Night of October 14 – Husband totals car on faulty road that averages two accidents a week, according to cop.
  4. Morning of October 16 – Receive unexpected letter that throws wrench into financial game.
  5. Late morning of October 16 – German Shepherd bites husband.

Now, everything is going to be ok. Thankfully he didn’t get hurt in the accident, he’s found himself a new truck that he likes even more, and his shin is showing signs of healing. We’ll manage with all the shifting around of resources that naturally comes through separation.

We can’t help but laugh. It’s like we’re an irritating itch to the universe right now, forcing it to shake off the engrained patterns of our ten-year relationship.


  1. edwardallfree

    ‘Liking’ a post is such a facile expression. I don’t like it because of your misfortunes, and I’m glad things shook out, but I appreciated your response to all that happened. That is what life is like.

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