You will fuck up.

It’s easy to curl up, safe under the soft darkness of your blanket, and let a tear roll over the bridge of your nose and into the crevice of your other eye. It’s easy to be silent and alone. You’re safe from the scary judgement of the world.

It’s easy to justify that you can’t – you’re not good enough – no one cares – you just need to do that one more thing before you do this one big thing.

It’s a cake walk to put it off until tomorrow. Mañana, mañana.

But you know this isn’t really true.

Waiting for life is just a slow death, and awaiting death isn’t easy. It’s a desperate, slow-motion yearning that won’t get fulfilled unless you do something new. Anything.

And by walking straight toward the unknown, you know you’ll trip up now and again.

It’s only logical, as living is learning, and learning is making mistakes.

-You’re going to make decisions you wished you’d made differently.

-You’re going to say things you might one day regret.

-You’re going to be rejected on some level, at some point.

But you go for it anyway. You know that to not go for it is the antithesis of passion.

TRY. Try again. Try again.

And you find that mistakes become a part of it all, and that they don’t mean you’re a loser. To the contrary.

They mean you’ve got the guts to live.



  1. Good stuff, Jami. I go in and out of feeling this way. I prefer to be in.

  2. Sounds like your domain name is moving towards DaysOfRevolution, Jami, I’m with you all the way In this one.

    • I guess am…I was sad for a long time, then I just got angry at a lot of stuff (still having my moments), but these days I’m finally feeling like “yeah, LIFE!!”

      I’m happy you’re there too. 🙂 thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Ha… awesome… and the title did catch my attention.

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