packing emotional heat

Dear persons bearing the brunt of my unpleasantness –

I’ve been a little out of sorts these past few days. I guess there’s just a lot going on, and I’m more stressed than I realize.

I’m sorry I acted like an up-tight brow beater when you posted something that had nothing to do with me (though through my morning-fog, it felt like a slam against Americans). I hope you at least enjoyed the small thesis I posted as comment.

I’m sorry I shouted “YOU DON’T JUST CUT IN LINE” when you scrambled in front of me, or so that’s how I initially perceived it. I soon realized I was sleeping with my eyes open, and one of the two cashiers available had waved you over.

I apologize for misunderstanding you during our work meeting; cutting you off mid-sentence and curtly demanding that you not change the specs of the project right before we launch. I know you’re only trying to make the site pristine and beautiful in every way. I appreciate your attention to quality.

I regret rudely barking “HALLO” when you stepped onto the bike path without looking. I know you were busy with your four children and twenty shopping bags, and I know I was like a bat out of hell. I should slow down when I bike through swarms of Sunday shoppers.

Finally, I’m a just a tad sorry I gave you a dirty look when you looked up at me, your purse posing as a person on the train seat next to you. I guess you couldn’t see that your fellow commuters were like sardines standing around you in the isle.

I’ll do my very very best to be nice today.

Yours truly,




  1. My Dear Jami, First of all, Kudos on the Super Cat picture that You have used for this! Really wonder just where You got that one!
    And You have expressed some really good thoughts in this post! Congrats again! 🙂

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