Good things come to those who (patiently) wait

I woke up at six this morning for no reason, unable to fall back to sleep. I wondered when things would come together for me, pining for change – dealing with the anxiety of not knowing exactly where life is going (or where I am taking myself).

Later on I received good news that resulted in me skipping through my house.

When you make a choice to jump toward something completely different, you don’t always hit the ground straight away. Sometimes you float along for awhile in some strange world of transition, the ground so deliciously close you can smell the earth.

Finally, after all, you land with a soft thud.


  1. I think no one knows where their lives are going..
    So what is the news?

    • True true, but I was hanging for awhile there, feeling sort of pregnant with change. I didn’t mean to come off as cryptic, and I will surely share the news soon. I think you of all people would understand the steps I’m taking in life. I see a lot of parallels between us.

  2. So excitement! Lookin’ forward to hearing all about it darlin’

  3. Agree with You, Jami, when You say: ‘Good things come to those who (patiently).’
    But life is a Mixture!
    As You have written: Sometimes you float along. Yes, Sometimes. Not Always!
    And Finally, do We Always land with a soft thud?
    Love and Regards. 🙂

    • We don’t alwaysin reality, do we ;)…i think i’ve actually been dragging my back side through the mud for awhile. Haha, i was feeling very optimistic that day! I like that you ask..;)

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