I found out yesterday that my old colleague, Antoine van Veldhuizen, was on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. He was on his way to holiday with his wife Simone and their two children, Quint and Pijke.

I met Antoine when I started working for his online start-up back in 2006. He was an energetic and positive guy with a sort of awkward, child-like laugh and a matching child-like spirit. He was just a good person – his boisterous spirit filled up the entire room the moment he stepped into it. No matter what, Antoine supported me in my work, and even on my grumpiest of days, he had a smile for me.

My friend Colleen, who worked with both of us back in those days, wrote a beautiful tribute here. I just wanted to share this loving message in response to an absolutely senseless act in this war-torn world of ours.

My heart goes out to Antoine and Simone’s families, along with all the other families and loved ones suffering this terrible loss.


  1. I just read the tribute… Such a needless and senseless loss of lives…

  2. That is really sad. My regards.

  3. I am sad for you. The whole situation is just so sad.

  4. Oh my gosh. Late to getting here, but this is so awful. Horrible to think about what their families must be going through. I’m so sorry.

  5. Thank you Aussa. It still feels surreal, like a punch in the gut when you realize they’re gone, just like that. They were a beautiful family.

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