sleepless in a tropical city


From today: these two italian sweeties spent the entire time shamelessly taking selfies then sitting just like this with their phones. I’m impressed with how many creative shots they got – I, for one, was entertained!

Trying to make myself tired by writing a vey pointless post.

Was ripped from slumber by a car alarm…fucking thing went off for at least five minutes, which trust me, is longer than it sounds.

A hundred local dogs howled along with it, then banded together in a long, barking encore after the car owner dragged his ass out of bed to have mercy on the rest of us lying helplessly awake.

The warm breeze is rustling the palm trees outside my window, which I love.
The Brazilian diver next door is relentlessly snoring, which I don’t love.

Tried reading a few pages of the bad romance novel I picked off the shelf of the B&B library. It’s good enough; a bit of mystery in there as well. The sexy scenes came too soon, though. Not enough anticipation…but maybe I need to read on for the plot to thicken.

It’s a break from the eastern philosophy book I’ve read so much that the front cover is falling off. You’d think I’d be enlightened by now, but at least it makes more sense than when I read it at 23.

There is a mosquito outside my bed net attempting to find the gateway to blood. Please give up, little guy.

A rooster just crowed…please don’t.

The end (and I hope the beginning of my morning cat nap).

I wish you all a blessed, happy day/night. 🙂


  1. Hang in there, my dear!

  2. Are you a scorpio by chance?

  3. This gave me pleasant flashbacks of being frustrated whilst traveling, ah so lovely.

    • That’s what makes traveling so interesting, eh? That week before, I was in a ritzy retreat complete with infinity pool, but it just wasn’t the same. I ended up meeting some amazing people after this post too, and we spent the days like this: find a remote beach, crack open a beer, lounge in the sun, swim/snorkel a little, and repeat until sunset. Totally divine formula. 🙂

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