You can’t!!

Suzanne from It Goes On reminded me this morning: if you have a dream, you might have naysayers that claim that “you can’t”. Sometimes the naysayer is in your own head. Be sure to watch the lovely song at the end, and go catch your dreams – today is just as perfect as any day.

Whilst I was at the beach, I watched a movie as part of the Hay House World Summit entitled “The Shift” featuring Dr Wayne Dyer.
In the movie, a young mother is hiking with her husband and two young boys when she stops and looks around at the beauty of the woods and the beach below. In her mind she sees her hands moving over the page of a sketchbook and capturing the beauty that she she sees with the eyes of her soul. The calls of her young sons shake her from her reverie. When her husbands asks where she had ‘gone’ she replies by telling him how she felt and how this is something that she would love to paint.
Her oldest son replied “You can’t paint….”
The woman’s face closed down and she pushed her dreams to the side. The pain in her eyes was replaced by…

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