Thought proof

I feel very passionately about this topic, and Beth has said a lot of what I feel.

Beth Byrnes

This past week CNN has been airing a special program about three people who apparently died and were brought back to life.  All three had experiences of an afterlife that they viewed as being heaven.  In all three cases, the physical death was for an extended period of time and they had similar experiences of what ‘heaven’ was like.

There are a number of books out on this topic.  I have read a few of them, but the one I would recommend to anyone who is interested would be Proof of Heaven by neurosurgeon Eben Alexander.  As a scientist myself, this book gives the best popularized empirical demonstration of likelihood that Alexander did die in the clinical sense, did return, and during the extended period where there was no apparent body or brain activity, had a clear and vivid experience of an afterlife. The book is the most compelling for…

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful share.

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