I’m on a train toward Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium, making my way toward six days of preparing meals for silent meditators. I will meditate too in these days, unwinding from the grip of my own mind.

Finding meditation is one of the best things that ever happened to me. On this nutty, beautiful planet of information overload, competition and fear of scarcity, I leave for BE to sit my ass down on a pillow and let it all go for awhile. I have two concerns: feeding silent mouths, and breathing.

There are so many ways to do it, but the one I follow is called Vipassana. Retreats are worldwide and by donation only. Check it out if you’re curious.

“The only conversion in Vipassana is from misery to happiness; from bondage to liberation.” -Goenka


  1. webpatser

    Don’t feed the squirrels 🙂 Enjoy the silence

  2. I envy your enlightenment.
    Well done..

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