Mother daughter juice feast

juice day 1

No recipe required. Just juice it!

Every six months or so, I do some sort of fast to give my body a little healing break. This time around, I’m doing a 3-day juice feast with my mother, which is handy because we can support each other in what isn’t always an easy endeavor. We did a juice feast together once in 2011, and we had a lot of fun making some pretty ‘experimental’ juice concoctions and learning a few trusty tricks, like taking it easy on the cabbage. :/

We started our first day with a hodgepodge: carrots, tomatoes, apples, celery, green beans, cucumber, turnip greens, kale, lemon, orange, lime, fennel, beet greens, parsley, (a bit of) cabbage, and a few grapes. A lot of it came from my parent’s garden, and the apples came from a tree from our neighbor’s house. For the rest, we just used up what produce we still had in the refrigerator. Around midday, we drank more juice from the batch we made this morning.

This evening, we’ll have hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick and watch Julia and Julia to satiate our psychological hunger, which is actually less sick in the head than it sounds. I talk more about the difference between psychological and physical hunger here. Saying my mom loves to cook is an understatement, so she’s also fantasizing already about getting her cooking magazines out and planning next week’s meals while we watch the movie.

Side note of gratitude: I’m having a splendid time with my beautiful mother, and given I live in another country, I’m going to enjoy every second I have with her. Have you told your parents you loved them lately?

The deets on Juicing
For those of you unfamiliar with juicing, the only difference between a juice fast and a feast is the quantity. We’re drinking about 1500 calories worth of juice each day, so we’re not technically fasting, hence the expression feast. It’s not about going hungry, but rather giving the digestive system a chance to rest and the body a time to heal. Now, there is a lot of controversy out there regarding juicing, and I’ve done my homework, but the bottom line is this: I feel great after a few days of living off juice, and I really don’t care what this or that expert says. My body, my life.

If you want to read a nice documentary on how juicing helped this one Aussie, see Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross.

Anyway, below are a few tips that I came up with after our last juice fast, as well as some other random videos from past juice or water fasts. Read my other posts about fasting/feasting here and here.

If you want to try some delicious juice recipes, I would recommend Fully Raw Kristina’s stuff. She’s annoyingly happy to many I would guess, but her radiance is undeniable. You can also learn a lot from Dan McDonald, who has considerable experience with both juice and water fasting.

Happy juicing to all you juicy juice enthusiasts out there!


  1. gf has a Vitamix. Well do I know juicing.

    Great parents are, for lack of a better term, great.

    • I would love to have a Vitamix. I go to the store sometimes to just drool over the model. I have burned up a couple of blenders to make raw food creations, so that’s the next big-purchase appliance on my list!

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