The power of context (The Blues: Part 2)



Just after posting yesterday, I listened to an online talk by Neale Donald Walsch where he discussed three concepts to deal with sadness or despair:

  1. Our growth process is already complete;
  2. there is nothing going wrong in our lives;
  3. and we’re not alone.

If you’re interested, just watch the video above.

It’s pretty hard to believe this when you’re feeling totally down in the dumps, all alone crying on a stone, but this thing he said struck me (paraphrased):

You cannot know that which you are until you experience that which you are not. 

Life really is about context, isn’t it? You’re not going to be whining about the rain if you’re in a drought, and you’re not going to be complaining about the scorching sun if you live in Holland. It’s all about the grass is greener on the other side. It’s all about you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

I blogged about it more here, but essentially Neale believes that “god”, in other words some universal consciousness which I conceive as a multidimensional fabric making up all matter and ’empty’ space, was bored out of its mind because it had no ‘experience’. It just was. So then, it split itself off, made itself forget so it had to re-learn and thus experience something, and created a cloaking of its own light to provide context. It wanted to experience a great time, but it could only do it if it experienced a really rotten time. Sounds a little like human beings, eh?

This falling down experience I’ve had recently provided me context. I felt so alone one night recently. I knew no one person could help me, even my mom, as much as she was trying from 6,700 kilometers away. I was like millions of other people everyday and every second, pleading for a sign that we’re not alone. I half expected a white dove to land on the edge of my bathtub, but all I got was hollow silence.

iowa to holland

Grateful for a mother’s love.

But then about ten minutes later, I started thinking about all of the people that love me. I started seeing it clearly, and it made me want to reach out to them. That’s where my god is. It’s in my friends, it’s in my family, it’s in the smiles of strangers.

And if I had it all good, and if everything went my way, I maybe wouldn’t fully realize what I have.  When I really sank low and felt that loneliness, really acknowledged it, I started seeing the love around me.

“Yet when you are surrounded with darkness, raise not your fist to the heavens, and curse the darkness not. But use the darkness, that you might know who you really are. Be a light unto the darkness, that you might express who you really are, and all those who see you, would know you as you really are, and by the light of your example, know who they really are as well.”

Joe Jackson:

We’re so tired of the darkness in our lives,
with no more angry words to say, we can come alive,
get into a car and drive to the other side…

You babe, steppin’ out
into the night
into the light….

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  1. Another term for context might be the relativistic “frame of reference.” How true.

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