Nature’s amazing amazingness

birds diving 500


I briefly turned on the TV tonight and caught a glimpse of the hunting rituals of certain sea animals. Tiger sharks, sardines, sword fish, dolphins, and seagulls all engage in a dance together; jumping, diving, chasing, escaping, and generally being amazing while they try to hunt the smaller guy down (or swim like hell from the bigger guy).

Schools of fish will often form a sphere of protection from larger predators. Larger fish will swim through this globe and try to catch prey this way, or they’ll work together to bring the school further to the surface where it becomes collectively disoriented and breaks apart. Seabirds will hover above, waiting for the moment they can dive into the water at 60 mph to catch a fish dinner.

school of fish 500


I’ll never stop being fascinating with how perfect nature orchestrates itself. I’ll also never stop being fascinated with the idea that nature gave human beings such big brains, and yet we continue to muck up this perfection at an alarmingly disastrous pace (I admittedly have to fly across the ocean to see my family).

I just learned about Earth Overshoot Day, which basically marks the day when Earth’s available resources have been exhausted for the year compared to the amount of yearly resources we’re currently consuming world wide. This year it fell on August 20, earlier than years previous. Now I personally don’t know much about it and only just learned it was created by a UK think tank, but it’s worth looking into. Read about it here.

If you’re feeling deprived of the truly awesome diversity of nature or feel the intuitive need to create a stronger appreciation for what we’re tampering with, get your paws on Planet Earth. It’s a beautiful series, not to be missed.

Better yet, get yourself out into nature. It works wonders for the human soul, and after all, we’re also a part of nature! I personally just attended an Art of Mentoring course in Scotland, which was an excellent way to create community with fellow nature lovers of all ages and backgrounds. I’ll also be attending a Wild Women of the Woods weekend with my mom and aunt this autumn. There are countless workshops and retreats around the world to enjoy nature and learn more about how we can live in harmony with its stunning complexity.

Heck, just go camping, if anything.


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