Damn you, Hollywood.

sigh, so annoyingly romantic.

sigh, so annoyingly romantic.

I think I’m all open-minded and strong about love and relationships…until I watch the Notebook…

I was at the store the other day and saw the DVD on sale near the checkout counter. And while I’ve already seen it a few times, I threw it into my basket anyway. I watched it tonight and cried my eyes out (like I do every time).

Allie and Noah were two teens that met one summer evening in the early 1940’s, and they quickly fell in love. They were inseparable for that one, blissful and carefree summer, only to have it torn apart by status – he was a working class country boy, and she was a wealthy city girl with ambitions to go to college in New York. When her parents realized how intense the relationship had grown, they quickly moved her away to prevent her from falling into a penniless future, breaking the young lovers’ hearts.

Noah didn’t give up though, sending her a letter every day for a year, which Allie’s mother intercepted and hid away from Allie. Only 7 years later did Allie realize that Noah had never stopped loving her. She returned to Seabrook where they’d met and where he’d restored the old plantation house in which they’d first confessed their true love.

The whole tale is told through the voice of an elderly Noah as he reads it in story book form to Allie, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and only remembers who he really is for a few, precious moments here and there. But he lives for those moments. This enormous love he had for her never diminished.

Arrr I’m such a hopeless, sniveling sucker for this movie, and I don’t care.

I still believe in love like this. In this world of free love, of divorce and breakup and narcissism; in a world of always wanting something better and more, people do find each other in the midst, and they fall in love for life.


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