Corporate rebellion


Pastel stripes

I work in the epicenter of a multinational corporation, just down the hall from the CEO of CEO’s.

You can determine just how close you are to this center by observing the men’s attire (navy or gray suits, crisp button-ups, and black wing tip shoes). Hermies critter ties add a splash of color; brown wing tips are generally frowned upon.

One colleague of mine practices quiet rebellion by sporting outrageous socks with his well-tailored suits. Depending on the day, rainbow stripes or leprechaun green grace the visual space between pant leg and polished shoe. One of our superiors remarks upon them now and again, but my colleague just reports to work the next day with a new pair for us to admire.

One day recently, our superior couldn’t handle the socks any longer. Not only were they super feisty in color on this particular day, but they reached just above the ankle, revealing a portion of naked leg. The superior got down on bent knee and measured with a finger how much bare leg was exposed, then demonstrating with his own, black socks and hiked-up pant leg how long they ought to be.

The public mockery didn’t work, though. My colleague responded by labeling Superior’s socks as nothing more than lady’s stockings, offering to pose for a sock/stocking comparison photo that my other colleague couldn’t resist taking with her Blackberry.

Other things I love about this colleague
My colleague is sharp. His fair, Welsh skin gives him away by flushing pink when he’s forced to respond to a colleague making a moronic statement. Depending on the audience, he’ll lightly swear to decompress his response.

We sometimes go for a beer after the work week to release our professional suppression, and when the spirits start flowing, his arms start flailing as he talks about the idiocy of certain English or American politicians. I just sit back and listen, never really bothering to argue. It’s pure entertainment as far as I’m concerned, and my Australian colleague and I have developed a tiny crush on him for his slightly lunatical rants.

Thanks for being you, David. You’re one of the reasons I go to work every day with a smile.

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  1. marieandtheappletree

    Yes! I was the sock wearer and radical earring wearer LOL

  2. webpatser

    Still walking on flip-flops (since it’s spring or summer) and hoodies, even after we moved to the corporate (suit) floor in our building 🙂 No suit for me…

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