Nature brings me back to myself


These flowers connected two people for a lovely chat about nature.

I recently saw a picture of a peaceful nature scene with a man sitting in a fishing boat. Written above this scene were the words: “Nature: cheaper than therapy.”  While many of us do still need a human connection to mend damage done by other people or situations, nature also heals. It’s all around us – and totally free.

I went to England late last year and learned about finding a sit spot in nature to ground myself and simply appreciate the beauty of the birds singing and the wind rustling the trees. Today, I went out with my camera to have a little sit and maybe take a few pictures of blooming flowers.

Just as I was snapping a photo of these beautiful flowers, a lovely person emerged from her garden to chat with me about how stunning they were. Then we talked about the other  flowers nearby and the beautiful spring day we’ve been blessed with (it’s was stormy for days here in Holland). She also recommended a place I could go to see a whole range of beautiful flowers in bloom right now. I gave myself 10 minutes to do this simple thing, and look what it brought: A nice chat, a nice photo, and a noticeably happier corporate monkey when she returned to her office.

I’m still surprised at what 10 minutes in nature does to my mood. It uplifts me.

If you’re a city dweller like me, and you have a park nearby, take the time for yourself to just walk through it for a few minutes whenever possible, noting how it shifts your mood. If you don’t already realize it, I think you’ll be surprised at how transformative nature really can be.


If you’re feeling blue, read this:


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  3. I like to go large parks. I like the old forest. It seem the old and large trees have life and spirit. Nature is the best therapy. Thank you for your thoughts in the amazing blog.

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