Freedom for

purple pole

a pole in Düsseldorf that appeared in my dream.

I’ve had recent dreams about climbing ropes, pegged poles and spiral staircases. I feel opposing emotions when I’m either above or below these ‘mediums of ascension’, and I know it has to do with resolving old pain and dissolving the mental prison I’ve built for myself over the years. Sounds kind of intense, but I feel great. I feel lighter these days.

In one dream, I found myself in a room deep within the earth. It had white walls and simulated sunshine in the windows, and the birds were singing. It looked like a happy room despite the extreme rage I felt as I argued with a loved one in the hallway. When I felt another presence emerging from even further below, I found a spiral staircase and raced up several stories. I finally emerged to meet a man standing next to an unrealistically tall cliff in the middle of a forest, and he was holding a rope attached to the top. He looked at me and said, “This is how you do it” and as he heaved up the rope, he instructed me to go “up, and up, and up, and up…” I watched his form get smaller as he climbed toward the clear blue sky.

In another dream, I was walking through a night forest with a peter pan-like man who was wearing a green, beaded renaissance garment. We climbed this strange pole with lit pegs, and once we reached the top, he let his hands go. He encouraged me to do the same, and as the wind blew his long blonde hair, he said “don’t worry, you won’t fall.” We embraced, climbed down, and he told me he would call me. When I told him not to, he turned to me and said simply: “you are free”. Then I woke up.

These dreams are not about other men. I am rising to my own occasion.

I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve just started a new learning journey in permaculture, and I will start sharing my experiences with you again. Thanks to all of you who follow me, and thank you especially for your beautiful poems, ideas, inspiration, and funny stories. I love them.

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