Mom, you’re the best.

mom and grandma

Mom when she was just a babe, with my grandma.


Mom, I feel gosh-darn lucky to be your daughter.

I feel blessed that I can come to you about anything and at the same time have great conversations with you about politics, gardening, aliens(!), and the world at large. I love that you passed your love of reading onto me. What a great gift.

You always encouraged me to just do the things I really wanted to try, and also asked me to just try the things I was unsure of. If I didn’t like a certain activity, you taught me to let it go and move on. Most of the time though, I loved the things I tried!

You had me when you were so young, yet you did everything to ensure I had what I needed to develop into the person I am today. I attribute to you my sense of empathy, strong work ethic, and drive to explore life.

What a good memory.

I will never forget the time you and grandma gallivanted around Europe with me. What an awesome time we had taking the night train through Germany, trekking through Prague, Berlin and Brouge, and bursting into giggles in the silent car of the train back to Holland!

You are SUCH an amazing cook, and I’m already thinking of what yummy dishes we can make when I come home for Christmas!!! yaaay

I know I’m an ocean away right now, but I always feel very close to you. Thanks for being a great listener, a shoulder to cry on; someone that grounds me and someone I can hysterically laugh with – always.

Happy birthday, mom. I love you!!


  1. Aww. This post brought (happy) tears into my eyes. 🙂

  2. Nick

    Hey there, lady. I just wanted to know that I got your message on FB and am finally starting to read your blog. Sorry for the delay!

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