Feast on juice, fast on water

the nectar of life

I’m on day 2 of a 7-day juice feast, and I feel really good despite a slight headache and an occasional bout of the chills. I was organising my videos from past juice feasts and water fasts, and I was surprised at how much I’ve recorded. I haven’t watched them in awhile so the tips were helpful reminders for myself. I hope they might be also helpful for others, of course!

Why I juice feast or water fast
I do it for many reasons, but this time I’m doing it as part of a bi-annual celebration. I decided that I would do a short water fast or longer juice feast once every six months to give my body a healing rest. I don’t care what the fasting naysayers within the medical industry think, mainly because I think they’re mistaken. When I do this for myself, I feel good and notice continuous healing afterward, so I listen to my body first and foremost. Anyway, if you’re up for a read, here are some older posts I made about my experience.

Resources I’ve found extremely helpful through my journey:

  • Dan the Man McDonald, a.k.a. The Life Re-generator. This guy is jazzed about life, and I love it. Has a wealth of knowledge on juicing, juicers, and water fasting.
  • Angela Monarch – Beautiful juice-feasting angel that put the UK on my map. 😉 I can highly recommend her book A Juice Feaster’s Handbook. Great recipes and moral support abound in this little jewel.
  • David and Katrina Rainoshek – I followed their course for awhile. They have videos and reading material for each of the 90 days, which is helpful for those longer feasts (could never last that long, myself).
  • Types if juicers – If you’re going for a lot of green juice, then you’ll be better off with a masticating juicer (the slow one). This pulls much more juice from hardy greens. I am too impatient for this slow process, so have an centrifugal (upright) juicer. This allows me to throw entire apples and bunches of carrots in at once. That’s good since I’m running late most mornings.

I guess the most important thing in my mind about fasting/feasting: it gives your body a break, Earth a break, and sets you on a journey to empowerment. I highly recommend giving it a go if you’re up for it. I’m still learning about my body and am increasingly impressed by its ability to regenerate by just giving it a break. What an amazing mechanism it is, and I want to show it my gratitude.


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