Just dance

The obligatory tutu in the younger years, giving way to MC Hammer pants in the early 90’s…

Last night, I attempted to blog about a book I’m reading but kept distracting myself with YouTube videos I could dance to…

I’m known to go buck wild in my kitchen to the tunes of Lady Gaga, Royksopp or Rammstein (and bump and grind my partner if he’s unlucky enough to be around). It’s safe to say that I really enjoy dancing. I’ll bust out an Irish jig, if asked.

I was body pumping to Elton John when I could barely talk, so my mom stuck me in a dance class when I was three. I was a little yellow lion for my recital, and I still remember following another little lion in front of me. I think I had forgot the choreography. :/

I kept on dancing through college. I took a ballet class a few years back, but I was lazy, and that was the last of it. I do still regularly dance for my cat (see Flash Dance to get visual impression, minus the hot leotard and amazing thighs). If I can’t dance, I’ll choreograph dances in my mind while listening to music. That’s always fun, because the dancers are really good in my mind. They can do the things I can’t.

Dancing is an amazing way to express yourself. It makes you smarter, bonds you with other Tiny Dancers, and is a great way to enjoy music and get the blood pumping through the veins. Here are but a few types of you dancing you can choose from:

  • Hip hop
  • African
  • Belly dance/fusion
  • Irish
  • Country line dancing
  • Trance
  • Ballet/modern
  • Salsa
  • Jazz/tap
  • Swing
  • Folk
  • Flamenco
  • Bop
  • The best dance ever: Elaine’s ‘party starter’ from Seinfeld (I highly recommend learning this choreography to be the star of any party!!)

Below are just a few songs and inspirational dancers that put a smile on my face. I encourage you to make your own dance playlist!! Who cares if you “can’t” dance. Do it alone and only god/the universal thingy will see you, and I’m telling you, it LOVES when you dance. I’m convinced it’s one the main reasons we have a body. I’m sure there are a few other reasons, but not many! 😉

Happy dancing.


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