For the love of Georgina

Words can’t express how adorable I find this one.

The other day I had a conversation with a colleague who informed me that donating to animal protection organisations was immature when there were so many people that need help. I usually don’t engage in conversation when statements like this are made, but I later reminded him via email that without animals we’re kinda screwed, and in addition, what makes the less-furry animal walking on two legs so much more important than all of the other species gracing this planet? I didn’t get a response, but I’d like to believe he took it to heart.

Anyway. I love the cat that lives with us. I mean, I really LOVE this little furball with an attitude. When I come home from an exhausting day at the office, she is there, without fail, to greet me and roll around on the floor all cute so I pick her up and cuddle her until she’s had enough of me. Her name is Georgina, and she’s a little kitty, but you wouldn’t know that by how she terrorises our neighborhood. We decided to let her come and go as she pleases, and the other day a neighbor informed us that she regularly jumps into the window sill of her house to bully her two, indoor cats. Well, I can’t control what this little tiger does, and I guess she has her reasons. She’s also known to come home with battle scars, and then there is the really annoying game she and another cat play with the cat door in which they violently bat it back and forth. It’s not a quiet cat door, and I usually have to intervene.

Hahaha…I hear the cat door battle as I’m writing this. When will they tire of this ritual?

Georgina is like many cats: she always wants to cuddle when I’m busy reading or typing. She can’t get comfortable in these instances and must have her face as close to mine as possible, tickling my nose with her whiskers. If she’s made a bed of me, then I usually have to just get up. Trying to gently lift her off me when she’s in a foul mood doesn’t usually go over well.

I go for walks at night, and she’ll follow me to the end of her territory and then wait under a car until I return. I always call out her name, and she’ll come running in this way that says “heeeey, one of my peeps!” Her tail is always straight up, like she’s prancing. She always acts totally cool outside, and she won’t be caught dead letting me pick her up. That would ruin her reputation as bad ass kitty of the block, of course.

She loves when I dance and sing and always wants to be near me when I do so. I learned to sing with her around since I sing TO her. She doesn’t seem to mind that I don’t sound like Erika Badhu or Beyonce.

I absolutely love the way she smells and I regularly sniff her white, furry chest. It’s one of the best smells ever and it fills me with love for the little rascal and life itself.

I just wanted to make a post to honour an amazing, beautiful creature that is very much a part of my life. Just the other day my aunt’s dog Duece passed away, and I know she’s dealing with a lot of heartache.

Animal companions are the bomb. Here’s to doggies, kitties, and all the other animals that make our lives complete. That also goes for the wild ones that we need to respect, protect and stand up for.

I donate to a few animals rights organisations, and I would encourage all to do the same. If you have the money, stand up for your furry friends, as they love us, and they deserve life and freedom to just be.


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