The Power of Meditation

Meditation: reaching the corners of the mind and beyond..

In April of 2011, I packed my bags and hopped on a plane to Ireland for a 10-day, Vipassana meditation. It was a silent meditation retreat so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was looking forward to having 10 days of no one worry about and no chatty conversations that secretly annoyed me…

I immediately fell into a calmer state upon arriving. I let go of the stress in my life and prepared to go deep inside my own mind. That first day intrigued me, but the second and third days became hard labour on a pillow. They asked us simply to focus on our breathing, but I couldn’t shut my busy mind down. When I eventually stopped worrying about the obvious things, my mind resorted to older pain. I would suddenly recall an embarrassing childhood experience or the anger over something really minor from years past.

On the fourth day, we started the body work. In a nutshell, you focus your mind on the sensations on the top of your head (tingly, prickly, itchy, sweaty, etc), then slowly move down the body to the tip of the toes. It’s about becoming consciously aware of all the sensations constantly moving throughout your body. By doing so, you apparently release pain that is stored in your cells (as “New Biology” scientists will confirm, each cell of your body contains the memories of the entire body/mind).

By the 6th day, I was able to go into a pretty consistent state of concentration. If I started to doze off or allow my mind to wander, my body would respond with a little jerking motion, bringing me back to my breathing.The last meditation that day, I had a moving experience: I suddenly felt like the cork of a champagne bottle was opened in my feet, and the bubbles then moved up my body into my head. I felt this HUGE release of emotions. For about an hour after that I felt completely euphoric. I was in silence, so I just looked out my dorm window wondering what had just happened. Something very big and very pissed off that left me that day.

After the course finished, I continued to meditate two hours a day. I experienced, on multiple occasions, a “squirming” sensation between my eyebrows. I felt like I was falling down a huge hole so I would just open my eyes. It was overwhelming. I know now that my third eye was opening up, but I just always thought this was a mental idea and not something I would physically feel.

As the months wore on, I started to lose my meditation habit, and one year later I’m now only meditating about once a week. I want to get back into it. I signed up for a 1-day Vipassana retreat in Utrecht. I want to revive my love of meditation.


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  2. Thanks for sharing this Jami! I’m a bit intimidated by the 10 day part, but it sounds like an amazing experience! I’m definitely looking into it. 🙂

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