Things I love about life right now

  1. Turning the page of a book I really like

    Happy moments

  2. Hearing my mom’s voice when she answers my phone call
  3. Watching the clouds from my attic sky windows
  4. Watching baby animals of any kind, particularly baby animals playing together
  5. Making a good meal and watching people take the first bite
  6. Contemplating the mysteries of life; realising there are so many still out there
  7. Series True Blood
  8. Salad with goat’s cheese, honey, walnuts, tomato, cucumber
  9. Seeing the love in the eyes of those that love me
  10. Listening to my partner singing to bad country music
  11. Seeing my spinach seedlings sprout
  12. Neale Donald Walsch and his effort to push me out of my comfort zone and into true happiness
  13. Caffè lattes
  14. Roller coasters
  15. Drive, the soundtrack
  16. Starting an all-female, nonfiction book club
  17. My beautiful friends
  18. Coming to a loving understanding in my relationship.
  19. Green apples
  20. Spring (even if I am still wearing my winter coat)

One comment

  1. 10 dimensions is only the start.

    Awesome times, thanks Jami

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